Fitness and Rehabilitation

Canine Fitness and Rehabilitation is being prescribed by more and more veterinarians across North America. It has proven to speed recovery, prevent future injury, and decrease the time a pet is on post-operative pain medication.

We are emphasizing the importance of water therapy with working dogs, sporting dogs, senior dogs, overweight dogs, and any dog recovering from an orthopedic surgery or soft tissue injury. Studies have proven that water rehabilitation is an important tool in recovery. It is gentle on the joints and allows a smooth and natural motion for pets in recovery.

Canine obesity is at an all time high. Water therapy and swimming can aid in weight loss allowing for a steady loss of fat and safe gain in muscle. Exercise is just as important for our pets as it is for us!

We can help senior dogs, adult dogs, and puppies. We take every step to ensure our patients have a safe and fun experience during their rehabilitation.

How we can help:

We offer private rehabilitation sessions for our clients. We are happy to speak with your veterinarian to ensure we design a treatment plan that will aide in the recovery of your pet. Throughout your visits with us we are happy to send updates to your veterinarian on your pet’s progress.


30-Minute Swim Session : 30-Minutes of private pool time with a Rehabilitation Coach. $35. Book Here

15-Swim: If your dog is just starting out in the water, they may only be able to handle a short session. Use this option to help your dog build strength and stamina in the water. $20. Book Here