Pool Rental

A great way for your dog to swim. You will have NO INSTRUCTOR present. This is just you and your dog. Your pool rental is kept private and the speed retrieve, EV, and air retrieve rig are available for use at no additional cost. If you do not know how to operate these tools, please schedule a 15-minute session with one of our coaches and we would be happy to show you how.

Please be aware you are not allowed to push or throw your dog into the water. We are serious. We see people try it all of the time. It’s not very nice. Don’t do it. Also please do not get into the pool. The city has threatened to revoke our permit if they get wind of anyone other than staff getting into the pool. Last but most important, please do not approach or allow your dog or kids to approach any of the daycare dogs. They are not all as nice as your dog. It will be your fault if someone gets bit through the fence.

Pool Rentals

15-Minutes Pool rental: 15-Minutes $15

30-Minutes Pool Rental : 30-Minutes $25

60-Minutes Pool Rental : 1- hour @ $48

2-Hour Pool Rental : 2-Hour rental @ $90

4-Hour Pool Rental : 4-Hour rental @ $175

Pool Rental Bundles

4- 30 Minute Pool Rentals: $95

8- 30 Minute Pool Rentals: $180

12- 30 Minute Pool Rentals: $225

Pool Memberships

Wanna come to the pool every weekend?  Wanna come everyday? Membership is limited to members in the household.  No 2nd cousin’s, roommate, uncle’s adopted, twice removed, once put back, nephew. Please be respectful.  If you break our rules (and our hearts) you may lose your season pass without refund. If your friend is peer pressuring you to break the law, tell them to call Brianne. She can be VERY persuasive.  

You may book your sessions back to back. Pool rental does not include instruction. Your membership will automatically renew until you tell us good-bye and cancel your membership! If you need to cancel your pool reservation please do so at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time. Failure to cancel with at least 24 hours notice may result in your credit card being charge an additional fee of $25 for no call/no show. If you sign up for multiple sessions and leave before your pool time is over this may be consider a no show and you may be charged $25.

Pool Memberships are limited to only people and dogs in household. If rules and policies are not being followed membership may be forfeited and no refunds will be issued.

Monthly Membership: $375 (charged Monthly)

6-Month Membership: $1775.00 (Valid for 6 months from time of purchase)

1-Year membership: $2275.00 (Valid for 12 months from time of purchase)