Don’t all dogs know how to swim?


This may come as a surprise, but I have been accused of trying to “get rich quick” with my doggie swim lessons.  Because, and I quote, “Don’t all dogs know how to swim?”

Well let me first start out by answering the question of whether or not all dogs know how to swim…..NO!! No, they do not.  This is coming from an Emergency Veterinary Technician Specialist! It is absolutely tragic how many owners assume their dog can swim and they rush them into the ER for drowning.  I will have to admit, statistically speaking, if your dog is rushed to emergency for drowning, chances are they won’t make it.

Now let me address the “get rich quick” idea.  I love dogs, and I love teaching owners new ways to have fun with their dogs.  If I was in it for the money, I wouldn’t waste my time on this. Teaching a family and their dog a new adventure, a new passion, a new reason to get up in the morning and shout “ARE YOU READY???” is why I do this.  It’s why I spent my entire savings and then some to create the canine aquatic heaven in my backyard.  This is my why.IMG_0010